Health Benefits of Golf

You probably didn’t come here to read this but it’s important nonetheless! If you are struggling with your golf and almost giving up like I did at one stage then read on for some of the key reasons why golf is so good! There are MANY health benefits to a sport, not just golf so let’s take a look at what I consider the best reasons!

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Getting Outdoors and Amongst Nature

There is something so peaceful and grounding about being out on a golf course. They are beautiful, well kept grounds which make you feel good just being there! Being amongst nature has so many benefits not only for the mental state of being but also your body. There have been many many many studies done to prove the positive effects of being outdoors, it relaxes you, reduces stress and can even help with anxiety. Not only this but people with low levels of Vitamin D tend to feel quite down and even depressed so getting your dose of vitamin D while out on a golf course is important! Vitamin D is known to reduce the risk of heart disease, promote bone growth and reduce the risk of depression.

Social Aspects

Looking to make new like minded friends? Regardless of your age golf is a very social and enjoyable sport to share with friends. You will have ample opportunities to meet other people and be a part of an ever growing community. Not only this but countless business deals are organized on the golf course!

Get your Steps Up

If you walk the course then this is exceptional for your health, although it can be tiring at the end of the round you’ll feel as though you’ve more than earned your cold beverage at the club house. It’s definitely a lot easier to walk the course if you have the right gear.

Great for Brain Health

With so many things to remember while golfing and taking your swing your brain is learning new things. This is always beneficial! Not only this but an elevated heart rate from doing exercise also sends more blood to the brain which can help improve nerve cells and can delay mental illnesses.

Improves Your Vision

You really need to focus on where your ball has gone in order to keep track of things and make it easier! This is what I like to call eye training. I’m not sure if this is legitimate but it seems to give my eyes a good long distance work out.

Low Risk in terms of Injury Sport

Given how leisurely and social this sport is there is very little risk of injuring yourself. Sure there has been a fair share of back tweaking as a result from a bad swing but there are avoidable. I think everyone can benefit from golf lessons to learn proper technique and avoid any injuries.


I hope these few health benefits have helped convince you to get out there and into your golf!

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