“Golf” more than a sport!

There are many sports, and each of them has its benefit. People play games for many reasons some play them for remaining fit while others have a passion associated with sports. People choose the sports which they want to play based on their preferences and health state.

Let’s talk about golf

It is also true that it is not necessary that every sport is beneficial for everyone, i.e., hiking and motor racing not all people can do hiking as hiking requires a lot of fitness.

There are many unique sports which are beneficial for both elders and youngsters keeping that in mind let us talk about why do people play golf?

It is essential to understand that what golf is? Before asking the question that why do people play golf? Well, golf is a sport which contains a ball and players use the golf club to strike the ball and put that ball into a chain of holes on a course. Many people think this sport as a tedious sport which is not right, but until you play it, you can’t really guess. Golf is one of the most popular games around the globe and following are the reasons that why do people play golf?

A fresh start of the day

Golf is one of those sports which makes you fresh, and the people play golf to remain in a bright and happy mood throughout the day. Furthermore, golf gives you enjoyment and exercise as a bonus which in turn makes you energized for the rest of the day


Golf is a sport that makes you challenge yourself, unlike other sports like football, cricket, basketball, etc.

Safe sport

Golf is one of the safest sport because it involves no running, no racing. You have a golf club and a ball to play.

Health benefits

Golf can give you many health benefits like controlling blood pressure, reducing cholesterol. It is also useful for patients who have diabetes. This sport includes a lot of walking on the golf course due to which it brings such health benefits.

Helps in sleeping

Golf is like yoga of outdoor sports. When you head out to the golf course for practicing or playing as discussed earlier, it makes your mind fresh and performs yoga on your mind with the help of which you can sleep like a child with the peace of mind.

Benefits discussed above play a very vital role in people’s lives due to which they opt for golf. All these and many more advantages answer the question that why do people play golf?

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