Get more Distance with your Driver

You must be lying if you say you are happy with your driving distance or don’t want to gain any more distance! I know I definitely do so I spent a fair amount of time trying things out and testing different techniques at the driving range. I have put together what I think are the most important factors to getting the most out of your driver!

Even junior golf sets come with a driver for kids! There are quite a few kids sets to choose from so be sure to read the detailed reviews.

Set your Foundations Properly

Setting up for the swing is HUGE and it’s not until you fail to set up properly that you realise what a huge impact it has. For the drive you will want to stand pretty wide. Line your front foot up with the ball.

Stand strong into the ground, my best friend is a yoga teacher and one of her favorite things to tell me is ‘root down to rise up’. Meaning literally push your feet firmly and strong into the earth and from there stand tall and strong.

Bend your knees, again for more stability, in addition, your centre of gravity becomes lower to the ground and its much easier to have a solid hit.

Try to keep your body as still as you can, practice moving just your arms. There are quite a few good drills on this.

Follow through strong and finish off well. Not only will this prevent injury but it also sends the ball flying that whole lot further.

Have someone Film Your Swing so you can Adjust Accordingly

Consider these when looking at your swing:

  • Width of stance?
  • Where is the tip of your front shoulder, does it need to come down?
  • Weight transfer should be about 60% to your front side
  • Do you need to tee the ball up higher?
  • How is the shoulder flexibility and mobility? Do you need to stretch these muscles to get more rotation?

Stretch, Stretch and/or Strength Train!

Increasing the mobility and range of motion in your shoulders and back is going to help your golf swing immensely. Many golfers have the strength but lack the flexibility which is very important! If you have the flexibility but lack the strength then the opposite is true, work on building those muscles up!

Try a New Driver

As we grow and get older we need to change our equipment to suit our needs. When was the last time you purchased new golf gear? Has your game decreased significantly in recent times? Maybe a new driver is all you need?! I trust the team over at Golf Accessories Reviews for all the latest product reviews of everything golf related so be sure to head over there for anything you need! They share reviews on drivers, complete golf sets, ladies clubs, irons, gloves, shoes, umbrellas and so much more! The driver I am currently using is the Callaway Womens Great Big Bertha and it has helped me out immensely! It was a big investment for me and it took some time to justify spending that kind of money on a golf club but I am really pleased with it!


If you are hoping for more distance give the things I mentioned above a go! Please do let me know how you go in the comments below. Anyway time for me to go stretch out!

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