Female Golf Clubs and Famous Female Golfers In History

I thought it was about time I gave praise to the women of our sport. There have been many famous female golfers who are the top of their game! Let’s take a look at a few that spring to mind, well my mind at least!

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Nancy Lopez

This woman placed second in the 1975 US Womens Open at the tender age of 18!! She turned professional 2 years after that and went on to win 9 events in 1978. Over her golfing career she won 48 LPGA titles.

Mickey Wright

An American golfer who went on LPGA tour in 1955 and won a staggering 82 tour events and 13 major championships. The most incredible thing is that she is the only player to have ever held all 4 titles at the same time! Many golfing publications rank her at the best female player…. In history!

Kathy Whitworth

In her 23 year period on the LPGA she won over 88 times and has won more than any other golfer. In addition to this she won 6 major champs.

Mildred Zaharias

Not only did she succeed at golf but also athletics and basketball. She only turned to golf at the age of 24 and since doing so won 41 times on the LPGA tour including 10 major championships. Unfortunately this incredible sportswoman got colon cancer at the age of 45.

Annika Sorenstam

A Swedish female golfing professional who has won 72 LPGA events in 13 years and a recording breaking 8 player of the year awards. She has had a colorful 16 year career and in that time claimed 93 profesisonal titles. She retired in 2008 at the age of 38!

Lady Golf Clubs

If you are looking to get into golf and are female then you absolutely must play with graphite shaft clubs! Picking up your dads, brothers, uncles, friends clubs is going to be really tough going so if you are unsure of the sport then please do hire some clubs. Testing out graphite will be a game changer.

Lady golf clubs are designed specifically for females and has taken into consideration the general female populations build and golfing capabilities. They tend to be a little shorter, lighter and offer much more flex than male clubs.

The shaft flex you should look for is L for ladies, it gives that extra spring when it comes to hitting the ball making it easier to control than regular ones.

The material of the shafts for lady clubs is almost always graphite. Why? Because it  is lightweight meaning you can swing that club even further than you would a steel club. This means you’ll be able to get maximum drive and distance which is something we all like to hear right!? Unfortunately graphite is quite expensive, hence the price of female golf clubs being quite high.


When it comes to choosing clubs I highly recommend checking out Golf Accessories Reviews for the latest and most comprehensive posts. There are many on the market to choose from so if you have a budget in mind then you can shop within that for the best value.

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