Are Golf Grips Important When Buying Clubs?

When shopping for your new golf equipment, it’s advisable that you know what you need and what to look for. For instance, when you are buying golf clubs, you should know what to look at. That way, you will know what golf clubs are perfect for you.

There are some very important components of a club that you must consider when buying new golf clubs. Even though golf clubs are different, these components are usually common in all of them. They include:

  • Grip
  • Shaft
  • Hosel
  • Clubhead


The other three components of a golf club are topics for another day. Today, I want to focus on top golf grips, and why you should focus on them when you are shopping for golf clubs.

First, let’s start by understanding what grip is. A golf grip is simply a rubber cover that covers about the last eight inches or more of the shaft. Grip is the part that allows you to hold onto your club. This therefore means that golf grips are very important considerations when buying golf clubs.

When buying clubs, you will notice that they are identified as follows;

  • Clubs with standard grips
  • Clubs with midsize grips
  • Clubs with oversize or jumbo grips
  • How you hold your golf grip

When selecting grips that are best for you, the size of your hand should guide you. In other words, the best golf grips are those that fit your hands perfectly. As you can see, golf grips are extremely important and you have to consider them every time you are buying golf clubs. If the grips are larger or smaller than your hands, you would not be able to have a firm grip on your club, and you won’t be able to play well when you get to the field.

Grips are made of different materials. It’s very important that you consider grip material for durability. Most golf grips are made of synthetic rubber or rubber materials.

There are also many different textures. You should choose the texture that feels comfortable in your hands so that you grip your club effectively when playing or training.

Again, golf grips come in many different designs for the same reason – to help you have a firm grip of the club. Designs are also important when it comes to personal taste and preference.

Furthermore, golf grips come in a range of colors. However, this usually has nothing to do with how you hold your club, but just to take care of different tastes of golf players.

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